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We have independent intellectual property rights in our product formula and production process for 30 years, and have obtained more than 10 technical patents. Our technology is at the leading level in the domestic industry, and we have published related academic papers in many journals.

In the past 30 years, our research and development team members increased from 3 to 15,most of them have 20 years’ experience in the industry. They have obtained 15 national patents for utility models and 1 patent for invention.

We are one of the earliest application of pre-alloy powders of enterprises, in the history of the industry, from the initial elemental powder with diamond, to the pre-alloy powders with diamond, then to the product ingredients and product appearance, we have made great achievements in the cutting principle and mould research and development, make the product sharpness increased by more than 2 times, increased 50% in service life. From 2001 till now, our concrete diamond cutting saw blades occupy the leading position in the domestic market.

There are four main steps in our quality inspection, Which are the incoming inspection of raw materials, the inspection of production process, the inspection of finished products, and the sampling performance inspection of finished products before delivery.

In addition, All products are subject to quality inspection, and the whole production process will be remote monitoring.

Because of strict requirements on product quality, all products have also obtained the relevant national quality certification, such as QC certification, ISO2001 and so on.


Our R&D Engineer

Mr Yang Yongbo, who has been working in diamond tools industry for 30 years from Oct. 22, 1991, and always doing technical work and production guidance on the frontline.


Mr Yang was assigned to the first geophysical prospecting brigade of the first metallurgical geological exploration company Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, successively served as the automobile team (vice leader), automobile repair plant (director), automobile school (vice president); In 1984, the Ministry of metallurgical industry was assigned to the first geophysical exploration team of North China Geological Survey of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Group Corporation.


Director of Anyang Feida Industrial Co., Ltd. Diamond Products Factory, Tianjin

Vice President of Technology of Tianjin Feili Superhard Materials Enterprise Group.

Later, the enterprise was restructured from North China Geological Survey Bureau to Henan Geological Survey Bureau (Bubdivision) Group, and the private enterprise was dissolved.Engaged in diamond products manufacturing technology.


Production Factory Director, Guangzhou Changyang Hardware Co., Ltd. (Deputy General Manager), Nanhai Ruilichen Tools Co., Ltd. (General Manager), engaged in manufacturing technology and production management of diamond products;


Hebei Bee Tool Group Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer, Director of Research Institute, Technical Consultant (still on the job), engaged in product design and R&D factory technical work;

General Manager and Legal Representative of Hebei Shijiazhuang Ruilichen Tools Co., Ltd

Hebei Hengshui Fuluida Tools Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer and Legal Representative successively engaged in technical and production management.

Hebei Shijiazhuang Shuangshi Tools Co., Ltd. Product Engineer

The technology he has done belongs to factory technology (not research technology), and he has a lot of on-site experience and methods to deal with on-site problems in factory technology.

There are five tips of diamond saw blade factory technology:

1. Metal powder formula and diamond ratio;

2. Ensure the manufacturing process of the equipment in the factory (different factories, different equipments, different time and process change);

3. Processing objects (Hardness, Density, Color, Grinding etc.);

4. The use of the environment (Cooling conditions of Air cooling and Water cooling, Machine speed and Linear speed, Impact load size etc.);

5. The profit that your factory needs.

Factory technology above 5 points should be taken into account, none can be missing.

If you have any technical questions or suggestions, welcome to contact our engineer, Mr. Yang.

E-mail: tech@ssdcb.com