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SSS-130-9A/B Long Service Life Diamond Saw Blades for Granite

SSS-130-9A/B Long Service Life Diamond Saw Blades for Granite

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Supplier / wholesaler/ wholesaler of 5″(130 mm) diamond cutting blades / circular saw blades for wall groove /granite

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 140g
Numbers of Teeth 9T
Teeth Height 15mm
Blade Diameter 5"(130mm)
Disc Bore Size 4/5"(22mm)
Blade Thickness 2.0-2.2mm
MAX.RPM 10000
Cutting Condition Dry/Wet

The 5"(130 mm) diamond saw blades for wall groove and granite. Design the segment bond according to your different stone hardness, abrasiveness, machine, parameter to bring premium cutting and maximum output.

It's the addition of quad holes makes this fantastic blade even more versatile. Segmented Diamond Blade provides the best cutting performance and long life for all of your projects. Use the segmented rim blade for fast and aggressive cuts on concrete, brick, block, stone, and stucco.

Using the continuous blade with a flush cut or quad adapter allows you to do clean up and get into tight space such as sink corners.


Our packaging methods are plastic packaging and paper packaging; This is the simplest and most economical way of packaging. Once you place an order, we will ship it as soon as possible. We also provide after-sales service. If you have any questions related to the product, please contact us in time


Increased operation time:

Diamond blade for angle grinder is constructed so that during operation it heats up more slowly which leads to an increase in operating time.



Diamond angle grinder blade GRAFF can self-sharpen by erasing diamond grits during operation. For sharpening it is needed to make two or three cuts on silicon or abrasive stone.

HIGH SOLIDITY: Diamond blade for granite and stone is designed for precise cutting of concrete using small-sized angle grinders with 7/8” Arbor. This saw blade has a frame made of improved steel which ensures high solidity during operation.


Production capacity:

Our company  have 5 large sets producing machines in our factory , and we are going to extend our production again. Now we can produce 10000pcs per day , and if your order quantity is big , we can arrange it at first.

Percentage of raw materials:

  • High quality carbon structural steel matrix
  • 65 manganese steel
  • High grade diamond
  • Intermediate or above quality
  • Homemade alloy powder


  • Brick concrete
  • Steel concrete wall groove
  • All kinds of granite stone
  • Other coarse
  • Granular hard brittle non-metallic materials.

Tool Compatibility:

  • Stone cutting machine (marble machine)
  • Angle grinder
  • Wall slot machine is the main

Using machine


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