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SSQ-156-12A/B Segmented Diamond Cutting Blade/Disc for Cutting Granite

SSQ-156-12A/B Segmented Diamond Cutting Blade/Disc for Cutting Granite

Short Description:

Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Wholesaler of 6″(156mm) diamond cutting/ circular saw blades for concrete/ tile/ wall groove/ rock

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 225g
Numbers of Teeth 12T
Teeth Height 15mm
Blade Diameter 6"(156mm)
Disc Bore Size 7/8"(22.23mm)
Blade Thickness 2.2-2.4mm
MAX.RPM 10000
Cutting Condition Dry/Wet

6" (156mm) segmented diamond cutting blade/disc for cutting granite.

Designed to provide fast, smooth cutting in a variety of materials, including Concrete, Light Weight Blocks, Bricks, Stone, and Masonry Materials. Can be used dry cut. For light or medium duty cutters. Sintered diffusion bonded, long service life.

For concrete repair. Beveled edge blade for preparing cracked concrete in the preparation process of restoration. These superior quality diamond blades were manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility.


Don't be fooled by poorly constructed blades with minimal diamond content and inadequate bonding technology. This blade has been engineered to deliver maximum life, typically 40%-50% over industry standards. These blades are manufactured and conform to ISO 9001 standards. These blades offer the same quality products for brand name distribution.



Enhanced Diamond Matrix for fast and efficient cutting.

Hardened steel body for increased product life.

Standard arbor for use in all compatible cutters.

Quality Control:

the hardness of the saw blade to ensure the good quality.

We check the flatness degree to see if it is up to standard.

We also do some cutting experiments to check its using function.

Professional manufacturing assembly line.


Crack Chaser & Tuck Point is a type of Diamond Blade that feature wedge-shaped segments for incredible cutting speed and exceptional blade life. The Crack Chaser blades are designed for cleaning out and repairing the cracks on a wide range of masonry surfaces. Whereas The Points Chaser Blade used for fast removal of mortar joints and preparation of any abrasive surfaces. Shorter segment design in tuck point blade allows this tuck to cut virtually all mortar types. It will deliver a faster cut on both hard and soft materials and a points chaser diamond blade is required for cleaning, widening, and fixing cracks/imperfections on masonry surfaces. We offer a wide variety of Crack Chaser & Tuck Point Diamond Blades.

Percentage of raw materials:

  • High quality carbon structural steel matrix
  • 65 manganese steel
  • High grade diamond
  • Intermediate or above quality
  • Homemade alloy powder


  • Cut only concrete and wall grooves

Tool Compatibility:

  • Wall slot machine
  • cutting machine

Using machine


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