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SSQ-125-9A/B Time Saving Granite Diamond Saw Blades

SSQ-125-9A/B Time Saving Granite Diamond Saw Blades

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Supplier / wholesaler/ wholesaler of 5″(125 mm) diamond cutting blades / circular saw blades for wall groove /granite

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 126g
Numbers of Teeth 9T
Teeth Height 12mm
Blade Diameter 5"(125mm)
Disc Bore Size 4/5"(22mm)
Blade Thickness 2.0-2.2mm
MAX.RPM 10000
Cutting Condition Dry/Wet

The 5"(125mm) diamond saw blade leave minimal chipping while providing a fast, clean cut. It's the addition of quad holes makes this fantastic blade even more versatile.

Using the continuous blade with a flush cut or quad adapter allows you to do clean up and get into tight space such as sink corners. Design the segment bond according to your different stone hardness, abrasiveness, machine, parameter to bring premium cutting and maximum output.


The technology of product formula is completely own, the process control is strict, the product price is high, the product category is complete. Diamond saw blade of cutting hard and brittle non-metallic materials has a high reputation in the industry.

The company has invested a large sum of money to purchase advanced high-precision and cutting-edge equipment in the industry, and has hired experts in the field of diamond powder metallurgy technology and factory application technical experts of diamond tools to do technical support. The company has adopted fine and new technology to provide civil industrial ceramics and power ceramics. Building decorative stone processing, stone carving and other fields of workers to provide more sharp, durable and time-saving diamond tools.

Our factory’s strategy target is creating absolute quality advantage and satisfying customers’ demand. All of our resource operation is centered on customer orientation. Only meeting customer requirement can make us strongly grow up and operation everlastingly. So we provide after-sale service: Professional engineer on line guide installation.



1.The saw blade has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of cutting;

2.The saw blade can perfect high working performance without chip or breaking slates while cutting.

3. Working safe, quiet, and precise, reducing cutting & working time

4. Great adaptability & No chipping

Percentage of raw materials:

  • High quality carbon structural steel matrix
  • 65 manganese steel
  • High grade diamond
  • Intermediate or above quality
  • Homemade alloy powder.


  • The diamond grain of saw blade itself is coarse.brick concrete,
  • Steel concrete wall groove
  • All kinds of granite stone
  • Other coarse
  • Granular hard brittle non-metallic materials.

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