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SSM-350/500-23/35C VOV Patent Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete Road

SSM-350/500-23/35C VOV Patent Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete Road

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Supplier/ wholeslaer/ manufacturer of 14”(376mm) 23T diamond cutting blades/ saw blades /circular blades for road

Product Detail

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Product Detail SSM-350-23C/SSM-500-35C
Net Weight(g) 1.9kg/4.4kg
Numbers of Teeth 23T/35T
Teeth Height 18mm
Blade Diameter 14"(376mm)/20"(526mm)
Disc Bore Size 2"(50mm)
Blade Thickness 3.2-3.4mm/3.6-3.8mm
MAX.RPM 4500/1450
Cutting Condition Wet

This 350mm/500mm diamond saw blades  is designed for cutting airports and roads. It is durable, and have high cutting efficiency. It has won the domestic customer's consistent high praise.

This diamond saw blades are designed to be used with power cut saws for making cuts in a variety of masonry materials. The high-quality steel core is expertly tensioned for true cuts and added durability. Each blade features the highest quality diamonds and the segments are laser welded for added durability and improved cutting efficiency.


Safety: High strength of blade and matrix binding force

Sharp:Efficient processing efficiency, stable quality

Perfection:Optimized formula to more finely differentiate professional market

Attentively:Workmanship with the spirit of craftsman, consider the details


Elite Max Technology utilizes a special pattern and innovative design on every segment. Top quality DeBeer diamonds are positioned evenly in 3 dimensions creating an overlapping effect that allows the next layers of quality diamonds to gradually become exposed. The second layers of diamonds are exposed while the first layer is still cutting giving you maximum cutting speed, and maximum blade life,… The Elite Max Advantage.

Designed to be used on a high power walk behind saw up to 72 HP. Our supreme grade diamond is proven to effectively cut medium to medium-hard cured concrete and delivering a longer blade life. Laser welded segments prevent segment loss and allows blade to be used only wet.


Technical Support

How to choose the right concrete diamond blade for my work?

When you ask a diamond blade seller about their diamond blades, they will probably give you the classic "good sharpness & long life" to describe their products.

Before you getting start to choose diamond saw blade for cutting concrete, you must know the costs of diamond blades and cutting result, which is important to you. If it is a small job and you don’t have high requirement for the cutting result, a low price diamond saw blade will be favorable. If you need fast and smooth cutting, no chipping and long lifespan, an excellent diamond saw blade will be more cost-effective.

Percentage of raw materials:

  • Carbon structural steel matrix
  • 65 Mn hardened steel matrix
  • High grade diamond
  • High or higher quality
  • Homemade alloy powder


  • Road cutting pieces
  • pebble stone
  • granite stone road
  • limestone stone road
  • concrete road
  • asphalt road

Tool Compatibility

  • Road cutter

Using machine


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