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SSB-105-YA/B Efficient Diamond Saw blades for Wall Groove

SSB-105-YA/B Efficient Diamond Saw blades for Wall Groove

Short Description:

Supplier / wholesaler/ wholesaler of 4″(105mm) diamond cutting blades / circular saw blades for wall groove /granite

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 59g
Numbers of Teeth 105T
Teeth Height 10mm
Blade Diameter 4"(105mm)
Disc Bore Size 4/5"(20mm)
Blade Thickness 1.2mm
MAX.RPM 12000
Cutting Condition Dry/Wet

The diamond saw blade of 4"(105mm) is forged by high quality carbon structural steel matrix, 65 Mn steel, high grade diamond and self-made alloy powder, which is highly recognized by the industry.

Our cutting blades are sharper and more efficient to complete our work. At the same time, the product is more wear-resistant, which can extend the service life of the product and save the consumption of the saw blade. So as to achieve the goal of more, faster, better and less.


This product will also be customized according to customers in different regions and construction objects.Realize the maximization of product value and the optimization of user experience.

Widely used for cutting and nondestructive grooving on marble, ceramic tile, concrete on manual cutting machine. Suitable for dry or wet cutting.However, the working performance of the product is better when working under the wet condiction.

We are committed to research and development of products conducive to the market, to ensure high quality products and services, so that customers who use our products can improve work efficiency, reduce manpower and material resources, and create a good product experience for customers.

At the same time, we also pay attention to the impact of production on the natural environment, we invest in the purchase of environmental protection equipment, in production to reduce the pollution and damage to the natural environment as much as possible, and actively protect the natural environment. For example, the company will organize all employees to participate in some environmental protection public welfare activities on a regular basis.



Our shipping port is Tianjin port. Our delivery time is usually 10-15 days, and this is determined according to the quantity of products you need.


Quality Control:

1. Strict Raw material inspection

2. Professional formula

3. Production process control(PDCA+7S Principle)

4. Test the product repeatedly to ensure its using function

5. Products pass SGS inspection

Percentage of raw materials:

  • High quality carbon structural steel matrix
  • 65 manganese steel
  • High grade diamond
  • Intermediate or above quality
  • Homemade alloy powder


  • High cutting accuracy
  • Fine grain particles
  • Ceramics, microspar, marble
  • Glass brick

Tool Compatibility

  • Stone cutting machine (marble machine)
  • Angle grinder
  • Wall slot machine is the main

Using machine


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