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Review of the work achievements of GUANGXI G&M GLOBAL ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD in 2020

Review of the work achievements of GUANGXI G&M GLOBAL ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD in 2020

Today, General Manager Chen Zhifeng, who is in charge of Guangxi New Foreign Trade Incubator Base, held a summary meeting of GUANGXI G&M GLOBAL ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD.in 2020.

In the extraordinary year of 2020, our company overcame the adverse effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, actively cooperate with the autonomous region and Nanning municipal government to carry out epidemic prevention and control and steady growth of foreign trade, promoting the service functions of the base, helping enterprises to develop and achieve remarkable results.

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1.Fight against the COVID-19

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Our company became a member of the Guangxi anti-COVID-19 epidemic material procurement team, and became the only customs clearance agency designated by the Guangxi Red Cross Society for overseas donated materials.

In terms of supporting the resumption of production and work in various prefectures and cities, a total of more than 2 million masks were imported, providing a strong guarantee for the resumption of production and work in all prefectures and cities.


2.Development of comprehensive services for foreign trade

Our company completed import and export data of 215 million US dollars, a total of 16 new contract service enterprises, and 11 enterprises with actual export data.

Cast the first import prepayment insurance policy in Guangxi Sinosure history, becoming the first foreign trade integrated service company to purchase commercial insurance in Guangxi Sinosure history.

In terms of financial innovation, we have reached cooperation with Nanning Financial Investment Group and the government of Nanning High-tech Zone to jointly build a "Nanning export-oriented enterprise support fund pool".

We will actively promote the cooperation strategy of "government, bank and enterprise".

The conclusion of the "policy financing" business with the Bank of Guilin has become the first financial business that can be financed by using Sinosure in the history of external integrated services in Guangxi, effectively solving the problems that exports in the region do not dare to accept orders and do not dare to sell on credit.

3. Effectiveness of business innovation

Development of international market

GUANGXI G&M GLOBAL ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. takes the initiative to move from the back-end mode of external integrated services to the front-end mode, making use of the existing overseas market experience and fully combining the characteristics of overseas markets, acting as an agent for overseas market development for production enterprises in Guangxi,and helping them to find overseas orders.

Our company has achieved transactions with 5 production enterprises, a total of 17 cabinets of goods exported, the transaction volume of about 350000 US dollars, involving building materials, ceramics, home appliances and other industry products.

Online exhibition

In the face of the direct impact of COVID-19 , online exhibition and online symposiums were carried out for negotiations with overseas buyers.

We successfully hosted China Guangxi-Vietnam Import Commodities online Fair (special event for agricultural products and food), China Guangxi Medical material Export online Fair, China Guangxi-Vietnam Commodity online Fair (special session for building materials and household products), assisted the Department of Commerce to hold Vietnam Litchi Festival press conference, Hong Kong and Macao Office Guangxi qualified products (Hong Kong) online Exhibition, China (Guangxi)-Indonesia online Fair. The amount of the intended transaction is 3 billion yuan.

Operation of new foreign trade incubator base

Decorate and complete 2000 square meters of shared office space and other multi-functional shared space in the incubator base; design and complete 1000 square meters offline exhibition hall; sign up to 65 export-oriented enterprises in the base.


4.Cross-border e-commerce

Build cross-border e-commerce platforms such as LAZADA, Shopee and Facebook, and open cross-border live streaming rooms in minority languages.

With the establishment of www.global-gm.com, Guangxi enterprises can open shop on the platform free of charge, negotiate with overseas buyers, and pay online.


5. Leadership care

On August 20, Lu Xinshe, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region and chairman of the standing Committee of the Autonomous Regional people's Congress visited our company.

On September 28, the Nanning Foreign Affairs Office organized officials from the Consulate General of the six ASEAN countries in Nanning and the Liaison Office of the Hong Kong SAR Government in Guangxi to inspect the new foreign trade incubator base in Guangxi and visited the Guangxi Import and Export Commodities Exhibition and Exchange Hall.

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6. Media

On November 27th, CCTV-2 (Finance and Economics Channel) reported on the business planning of GUANGXI G&M’s upcoming expansion into the RCEP region.

We do not forget the original ambition, and forge ahead, trying to push our business to the whole globe.

Guangxi Radio and Television News 910, together with the working Office of China (Guangxi) Free Trade Experimental Zone, has launched a series of short films to interpret the regulations of China (Guangxi) Free Trade Experimental Zone.

In 2021, GUANGXI G&M will actively launch a business development plan for ASEAN and RCEP countries, create a full-chain service system for import and export, and support the construction of free trade zone.

Post time: May-07-2021