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80mm Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

80mm Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Short Description:

Supplier/wholeslaer/manufacturer of (80mm) 8T diamond cutting blades/saw blades /circular blades/ Diamond grinding cup wheel for polishing

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 126g
Numbers of Teeth 8T
Teeth Height 5mm
Blade Diameter 3“(80mm)
Disc Bore Size 4/5"(20mm)
Blade Thickness 6mm
MAX.RPM 12000
Cutting Condition Dry

The 80mm Diamond grinding cup wheel is made of 45# steel or A3 steel as substrate, low grade abrasive diamond, high relative concentration, and pressed and sintered.Mainly used for grinding uneven concrete construction surface and stone stone initial grinding, not for fine grinding.


Quality Assurance:

Our company abides by strict quality control system and eight quality management principles: 1. Focus on customers;2. The leadership role of the organization;3. Full participation;4. Process method;5. The systematic method of management;6. Continuous improvement;7. Fact based decision making; 8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationship.To ensure the quality of the saw blades produced by our company.


How to select a saw blade?

To choose the right diamond blade for your work, the diamond type, quality and grit size must be suited for the cutting machine and the cutting material. The metal bond must also be matched to the material to be cut.

Diamond blades for cutting hard, dense (less abrasive) materials (such as tile, hard brick, stone or hard-cured concrete) require a softer metal bond. The softer metal bond. Wears faster, replacing worn-out diamonds fast enough for the blade to keep cutting. Diamond blades for soft, abrasive materials (such as block, green concrete or asphalt) must have a hard metal bond to resist abrasion and hold the diamonds longer.

Percentage of raw materials:

  • 45 steel
  • A3 steel
  • High concentration of diamond, low grade
  • The coarse particles


  • Sanding stone
  • Concretes

Tool Compatibility

  • Grinding machine

Using machine


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