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100mm Double Row Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

100mm Double Row Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Short Description:

Supplier/wholeslaer/manufacturer of 4“(100mm) 16T diamond cutting blades/saw blades /circular blades/ diamond grinding cup wheel for polishing

Product Detail

Product Tags

Net Weight(g) 200g
Numbers of Teeth 16T
Teeth Height 5mm
Blade Diameter 4“(100mm)
Disc Bore Size 4/5“(22.23mm)
Blade Thickness 6mm
MAX.RPM 12000
Cutting Condition Dry

The 100mm imitation welding type double row grinding disc commonly known as: double row grinding.It is mainly used for grinding uneven concrete construction surface and stone stone initial grinding, not for fine grinding.There are various styles and specifications of diamond grinding cup wheels to fit various application requirements.


Why buy double row grinding from our company?

* Our diamond grinding cup wheels have been market tested.

* Compared with most suppliers, we could ensure that our grinding efficiency  is increased  at least 20%.

* 24 hours response.

* Professional technical support and solution.

* Direct communication with engineers.

* Best after-sale service.


Products Upgrade:

1.Storage temperature 25 degree, 30% humidity, to avoid oxidization.

2.We collect our buyers feedback for different materials grinding, then keep in record.

3.We have professional technician in research better products.

4.Continuously improve the production process and optimize the product formulation.


Our Diamond Grinding Wheel Advantage

1.Fast Grinding Speed, high efficiency and good quality-price ratio.

2.Good performance in Grinding, stable in Polish and using widely.

3.Good Consolidation strength, No bounce, no bit and sanding dropping.

4.More safe in using, can be used long time without bit falling.

5.Design in More thicker bits, durable and longer using life.


Packing & Delivery

• cup diamond grinding wheel for abrasive concrete

• Packing Details  : box and carton, standard pacage

• Delivery Details : 10-30 days after advance payment


We have been focusing on the native diamond saw blades market for the past 30 years,based on the high quality products and services, we won the favor of our consumers.

Accroding to the development needs of our company,we decide to begin our overseas business this year.Hope that through our efforts,can let more customers know and use our diamond blades,so as to improve their work efficiency.

That is why we build this website in the process of developing overseas market.We are ready to go and look forward the cooperation between us.

Percentage of raw materials:

  • 45 steel
  • A3 steel
  • High concentration of diamond, low grade
  • The coarse particles


  • Sanding stone
  • Concretes

Tool Compatibility

  • Grinding machine

Using machine


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