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100mm Caking Type Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

100mm Caking Type Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Short Description:

Supplier/wholeslaer/manufacturer of 4“(100mm) 12T diamond cutting blades/saw blades /circular blades/ diamond grinding cup wheel for polishing

Product Detail

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Net Weight(g) 220g
Numbers of Teeth 12T
Teeth Height 6mm
Blade Diameter 4“(100mm)
Disc Bore Size 5/6“(22.23mm)
Blade Thickness 8mm
MAX.RPM 12000
Cutting Condition Dry

The 100mm caking type diamond grinding cup wheel mainly used for grinding uneven concrete construction surface and stone stone initial grinding, not for fine grinding. The ones with many big diamond segments can undertake heavy workloads, for example, grinding concrete and stone, while those with small or sparse diamond segments are normally used for fast removal of paints, wallpapers, glues, epoxy and other surface coatings.


If we want to buy your steel bond turbo granite diamond grinding cup wheel, how could we know the quality?


Please buy our 100mm Caking type diamond grinding cup wheel for granite with a small quantity first, test the quality and our service, it will be much better for our long term cooperation. For small quantity, you don’t need to take risk in case the quality doesn’t fit your market, moreover, we offer sample discount to sincere clients for ease of use.


With years of hard study and adopting quality diamond crystal, our experienced technicians had worked out hundreds of mature formulas for all kinds of working conditions. For different materials, we have enough correspondent formulas for the tools for cutting and grinding.


Our Feature of Diamond cup grinding wheel

1.Sharp cutting teeth bonded with coarse grained diamond crystals can ensure fast grinding speed and great durability.

2.Diamond cup grinding wheel mainly used for grinding and buffing surface of marble, granite, concrete etc, on the hand angle grinder .

3.Popular diameter is 4'' and 5'', we also could supply other size from 3'' to 9''.

4.Bond material: steel, and we also could supply aluminum bond.


Shuangshi Tools (Shijiazhuang) Co.,Ltd is striving to become the best cost-effective manufacturer of diamond grinding cup wheels

Percentage of raw materials:

  • 45 steel
  • A3 steel
  • High concentration of diamond, low grade
  • The coarse particles


  • Sanding stone
  • Concretes

Tool Compatibility

  • Grinding machine

Using machine


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